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Beihai has gained and outstanding worldwide reputation for its qualified products and exceptional service. Beihai is one of the major lifeboat manufacturers in the world with a capacity to produce 500 lifeboats per year. Our BH lifeboats are accepted worldwidely besides domestic market including the regions of Hong Kong and Taiwan, our products are also marketed in USA,Japan,Korea,Singapore, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Malaysia, Greece, Russia, India, Uruguay, France, Cuba, Belgium, Canada, UK, Norway and Netherlands.

Beihai has more than 5,000 lifeboats delivered to satisfied customers all over the world.

Will you be the next satisfied customer?

Let Beihai lifeboats be your "OPTION TO SURVIVAL"

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>> TELB / Rescue Boats(Totally Enclosed Lifeboat)
Designed and built in according with “International Life-saving Appliance Code” and its amendment MSC.218(82)/MSC.272(85) l Prototype tests and production tests based on Testing of Life-saving Appliance MSC.81(70) and its amendment MSC.226(82)/MSC.274(85) l Approved on regulation
to apply from July 1st 2010.

>> FELB(Free-Fall Lifeboat)

>> FRP Rescue Boat / Fast Rescue Boat / RIB(Rigid Inflatable Rescue Boat)

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