The DBF-l life-saving suit is up to the regulation of SOLAS convention and IMO standard, it posses water-tight, floating and thermo-insulation functions and equipped with lamp and whistle, the jacket and pants of the suit are joined together and can cover the whole body except face, it is suitable for shipping, offshore platform and other sea projects, the product is authorized by china classification society of shipping.

Wearing time <2min
Storage temperature -30กษ-65กษ
Temperature applicable -1 +30กษ
Size L: for a wearer 1.75~1.90m tall
S: for wearer under 1.75m tall

Warm performance After the suit being soaked in smooth water at 0กษ-2กษ for 6 hours, the body temperature drop of the wearer should be less than 2กษ Buoyancy The wearer can turn round in 5seconds to keep a safe floating position with the face up ward and the mouth above water at least 120mm.the buoyancy loss should be less than 5% after the suit being soaked for 24 hours

Net weight ฃตกพ0.5kg