BEIHAI Davit are designed and fabricated by Marine Machinery Branch of Qingdao BEIHAI Shipyard. They meet SOLAS 1974 and amendments, and international Lifesaving Appliance Rules and Regulations concerned. Their test meet the requirements f lifesaving appliances of MSC.81.(70). The products have been type approved by many countries’classification societies and governmental organization concerned. Its quality system has been certified according to ISO 9001 and implemented effectively.

At present, 4series, various types of davits equipped with appropriate winches are available for you to choose: Freefall davits Platform davits Pivot davits Single arm davits You may have your own special requirements, let us know. We pay special attention to all regulations, use our years of experience to allow BEIHAI’s designers to incorporate your requirements to fully meet your unique specifications. We have been always following the principle of high starting point, high quality and high standard in the design, choice of material and fabrication of BEIHAI davits. Produce good quality products, provide satisfying service is our quality policy. We will do our best to develop and produce better products continuously and at the same time exert ourselves to establish a perfect worldwide service system. Your attention to our products with interest is an inspiration to us. If you need any detailed information or have your own special requirements, please contact us, we will respond to you in the shortest time. You choose our products is your trust in us. Our qualified engineers and service technicians are available any time to meet your need.

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>> Gravity Pivot Davit

>> Freefall Launching Appliance

>> Single Arm Slewing Crane for Boat & Raft

>> Sing Arm Fixed Boat Davits

>> Platform Davit

>> A-Frame Rescue Boat Davit

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